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Catherine Seo is founder and president of Synergistic Solutions: Harnessing eMotion in Business, headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. The consortium, founded in 1989, offers support to organizations and industry in dealing with turbulence, change, and crisis impacting the workplace. There have been few times in history when this topic has been as relevant as it is today.

Catherine looks for the "up" in the midst of disruption and has developed several programs including "Healthy Survival Skills" and "Freedom Now." When the world is crashing, where do you go? How do you bring order out of chaos, clarity from confusion, and direction from uncertainty?

Consulting with organizations as diverse as Polaroid Corporation and Massachusetts Correctional Institutions, she works to replace uncertainty, fear, and anger, with confidence, courage, and teamwork. Individuals, as well as organizations, learn to harness emotions into creative action, find or renew passion in the workplace, and build synergy to achieve common goals.

A graduate in communications from Emerson College and Internet strategy management from the Marlboro College Graduate Center, Catherine has certification and/or training in advanced mediation, systems thinking, and relational dynamics, as well as a technical background in computer programming and systems analysis.

She is also Professor of Business & Management at the Graduate School of Management at Cambridge College.





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