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Why eMotion
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Everyone knows that we should let go of emotions that cloud our judgment or interfere with our relationships, but very few of us know how to do it. Catherine's presentations and workshops have been well received at both conferences and trainings we have held because it is so relevant to real world situations. The Harnessing eMotion Method a simple elegant tool that makes it possible to move quickly through emotional states and achieve the clarity of mind that you need to really function effectively.

Deborah Mutschler, Executive Director
Massachusetts Coalition of School-Based Health Centers

When Catherine came to teach a workshop in Denmark, I was skeptical. Would Catherine be able to overcome the language and cultural barriers and transmit her vast knowledge to this group made up of mostly government employees? Well she did, and the tools Catherine and Harnessing eMotion provides, are now proven to translate, transcend and transform even in the toughest environments. Now, five years later, the participants are still talking about and using the information they received. Utrolig (incredible)!

Rick Schless
Project Leader
Ringsted Municipality
Ringsted, Denmark

When I finally realized Harnessing eMotion was focused on the "now" (this moment in time) I truly understood the power of the process. I was trying to make this simple process more complex than it needed to be. Simplicity is the essence of its design.

S. Tyrrell Donelan
Creative Director
Centers for IBM e-business Innovation, Boston
IBM Global Services

The hardest thing in product development, or quite frankly many other human endeavors, is to separate the human emotional response from the human rational response. That's not an easy thing to do because we are not Vulcan, like Mr. Spock. But it's necessary from time to time, because one can get in the way of the other. You can be over rational or you can be over emotional, both of them are a problem. You have to balance it. The Synergistic Solutions technology absolutely facilitates this balance.

Eugene Langlais
VP of Media Products Research and Development

Catherine Seo has been a coach to me now for 10 years and she has shown me how the difficult and complicated can be made easy and clear. As a scientist, it is easy to become overwhelmed with uncertainty, too much data from the past and anxiety about the future.

With clarity and elegant simplicity, Catherine has consistently brought me back to the only place where the most important decisions can be made: the NOW moment. It is more easily said than done. It is now unthinkable for me to make major, strategic decisions without first consulting with Catherine.

Michael S. Viola, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist
A123 Systems

The concepts introduced in Harnessing eMotion are brought to life by the way you've coached me through obstacles. By allowing me to demonstrate my own capacity to remove them and re-center myself, you've renewed my aspirations. I'm more effective with staff and colleagues, but also more confident of creating positive change in all aspects of life.

Jennifer Morris
VP Sales & Marketing
Preston Productions, Inc.

Synergistic Solution's Harnessing eMotion program provided me with the awareness and tools to assist me in letting go of what doesn't work and choosing what does. The simple, yet profound ability to move past my negative feelings into clarity and effectiveness has assisted me both at work and at home.

Michael P. Connor
President & Founder
Creative Solutions

While deceivingly simple, this process produces results! With precision it interrupts negative, overwhelming, stuck emotional patterns--moving us into the comfort of the present and freeing us to the possibilities of creating a future from which we had previously been unable to grasp.

Marrey Embers Ed.D.
Diversity Consultant
Boston, MA

Working with Harnessing eMotion has revealed to me that my mind is something to be observed rather than identified with. Or, simply, I'm not the person I THOUGHT I was; I am so much more. It's scary to enter this whole new way of being; but, more important, it's liberating and exciting! Thank you for this new beginning.

Cheri Cross
Toffoli and Cross



Why eMotion?... Clients are Saying...