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Why eMotion

The Harnessing eMotion™ Method is a simple, elegant tool that allows you to become aware of and let go of (release) the negative feelings, emotions, and patterns of behavior that create obstacles to living fully and with ease. Releasing is a proven, practical tool that works to resolve issues and achieve goals in the areas of work, relationships, finances, and well-being. It is an answer to staying centered and focused in the midst of the uncertainty and chaos that most of us deal with on a daily basis.

Harnessing eMotion is an emerging requirement for successful companies in the current economic turbulence. Leaders who are grounded in a state of emotional imperturbability amidst constant change foster a sense of assurance and generate stability and confidence.

Since 1989 Synergistic Solutions workshops have provided harnessing emotional learning experiences to a wide variety of individuals, work teams, and organizations. Our interactive programs have been seamlessly integrated with everyday business processes. The interactive programs are led by facilitators with a unique combination of experience in business and with the harnessing eMotion techniques.

Is It For You?

Yes, if you are:

  • Struggling with massive change
  • In organizational and/or financial crisis
  • Seeking innovation and creativity
  • Seeking revitalization in human resource effectiveness


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