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Chaos Map: Spiraling Into Chaos

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Disruptive technologies Internal unpredictability Wall Street analyzes what's going on in the business with a fine toothcomb.  economic pressure Market turbulence and uncertainty Rebalancing and restructuring Downsizing Fear and constriction Downsizing results in a tone and a mood of fear and constriction. It is in this environment that internal chaos accelerates and churns.  Individuals then also go into survival mode. Employees are impacted in several different ways; the two most prevalent in the interviews are 1) "wait-and-see" mode and 2) "quit and stay" mode.  "Quit and Stay" / "Wait and See" Lack of creativity and innovation Fear-based reactivity Lack of resources for new product exploration.  Lack of new products to meet market challenge.  Internal obstacles to identifying new opportunities. Internal chaos Market scrutiny Downward Spiral Constriction/constraints Survival Inability to collaborate and be creative


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