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Synergistic Solutions makes it possible for even the smallest organization to have access to multiple business specialists and their specialized knowledge. That's synergy!

Whether you are dealing with disruptive technologies or coping with disruption of a broader scale, you need new ways to lead your workforce to new levels of productivity and innovation.

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Interactive and In Person Presentations

Harnessing eMotion: Strategies and Tools for Dealing with Disruption

For leaders and managers who are:

  • adjusting their strategy to meet our current recession environment
  • rebalancing and remotivating the remaining workforce after lay-offs and downsizing
  • dealing with workplace stress after September 11th
  • rebuilding their company
  • confronting disruptive technologies

Harnessing eMotion: Healthy Survival Skills

For leadership teams and work groups who are experiencing disruption in their companies and work situations due to:

  • lay offs and downsizing or fear of it happening
  • changes in the economy
  • results of disruptive technologies
  • the current geo-political situation and its impact in the workplace
  • transition: career and company


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